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  • MIT Tech. Review

    When you live in a city, you can sense its pulse, experience its pace of life... City behavior is predictable over certain timescales, even though is the result of the seemingly independent decisions made by millions of different people.

    MIT Technology Review , 2013
    MIT Technology Review

    Population’s movements, fruit of millions of individual decisions taken by many different motivations, have a disturbingly large coherence. This scientists define the big laws that govern this apparent chaos.

    SCIENCE&VIE No. 1172, 2015
    SCIENCE&VIE No. 1172, 2015
  • wired.co.uk


    On a collective level we obey mathematically predictable pattern. (… The equations) have applications for predicting the demand of mass market products

    WIRED.CO.UK 2013 , P. Warr
    WIRED.CO.UK  2013
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