Electoral Campaigns

Electoral Campaigns

What is it about?

SThAR develops theoretical concepts for designing electoral campaigns based on sociothermodynamic principles. The present sociopolitical paradigm in democratic countries requires the presence of the candidates in both (i) social media and (ii) local population centers of interest. Big Data in combination with sociothermodynamic models provide the tool for designing the optimal roadmap for a candidate, party or initiative maximizing the probability of diffusion and virality using friend-to-friend natural forces.

Want to know more?

How does it work?

Concept of viralityThe basic mechanism underlying virality is the friend-to-friend force. A message can be transmitted and shared to your acquaintances and in some cases a multiplicative cascade effect is generated.

The probability of generate such a cascade obviously grows when the message is introduced in the right place, at the right moment. Understanding human connectivity and mobility patterns helps to anticipate the optimal places and moments. SThAR provides the tool to select these hotspots and forecast the potential effect of a sequence of organized events in a campaign.

What do we offer?

  • Roadmap execution
  • Campaign execution
  • Input

    We require the following information about your campaign:

    1. How many teams?
    2. When and how many days?
    3. How many messages?
    4. Any geographical region in particular?
    5. Any profile of your “target”?

  • Output

    We provide the optimal sequence of events according to the dates —the communication flows in November do not follow the same optimal patterns as in August, neither on a Tuesday nor on a Saturday— and the number of events.

    The output is a roadmap with detailed information of the locations to visit, in which days, when are the best hours along the day for interacting with pedestrians and passersby, and when to announce and interact in social media.

  • Execution

    business campaigning SwitzerlandAs for the particular strategy of execution of the campaings, we profit from the experience of our partner business campaigning GmbH.