Viral Marketing

Viral Marketing

How does it work?

We apply principles of sociothermodynamics in order to quantitatively predict and simulate collective human behavior. Demographic, economic, and social-media (meta)data obtained from telecommunication companies are analyzed within this framework to model human connectivity, mobility and collective modes.

We simulate the spread of information in social networks, and generate a ranking of geographical places and areas (inside cities, in towns, touristic regions, etc.) according to their potential to generate fast propagation of a particular information/message and to generate effective feedback.

These places are not just popular per se; they are also well connected with other frequented areas and thus generate positive feedback multiplying the intensity of the message. In this sense, we identify the places that generate an echo chamber effect for your message giving rise to the desired viral process. Once these places are identified, we then construct the most optimal roadmap maximizing the total diffusion range of the message. Finally, this roadmap is augmented with a list of on-line actions to be undertaken in social media and networks in order to further stimulate the diffusion of your message.

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